Brighton and Hove Community Radio Crew is made up entirely of volunteers. Everyone from the top down gives their time for free. BHCR relies heavily on personal contribution.

No matter how small, your donation will make a difference and help us to run the station. Please, contribute and click on the Paypal button.

Current Station Managers

Current Studio Managers

  • Susi Oddball
  • Alan Cannon
  • Philip Murphy
  • Pierce 
  • (Anybody with a knowledge of computing would be most welcome)
  • Current Presenters

  • David Sharman
  • Caroline Waters
  • Suchi Chatterjee
  • Bert Williams
  • Cat Lawrence
  • Ron Sharrat
  • Daniel Bollington
  • Heather Mc Clean
  • Sassy Goth
  • Pearline
  • Jordon Burns
  • Bmore McVowty
  • Euro Mernet 
  • Tom Archer
  • Mark Dunstone
  • Roy Weard
  • Real Music club
  • Keleche Turner
  • Donald Shier
  • Rikki Tarascas
  • Susi Oddball
  • Janina Karpinska
  • Susi Oddball 
  • Real Music Club
  • James Mc Larnon
  • CJ
  • Tony Bell
  • Maria Mc Ateer
  • Sophie Archer
  • Simon Maxwell Stewart
  • B'More Mc Vowty
  • Patrick Saintas
  • Alan Cannon

Past Studio Managers

  • James
  • Yue
  • Marie
  • Ben
  • Lee Venton
  • Pierce
  • Paul
  • Sasha
  • Jayde Harris
  • Wil Jewitt (DJ - B.C.)
  • Mike Rawlings
  • Osara
  • Past crew
Alex Maxwell-Stewart
Alex Maxwell-Stewart is a reporter for BHCR, taking the mic to places others dare not tread. Alex has been compiling reports for a number of years now.

Alex is also a professional juggler and skateboard artist.

Judge Trev

RIP Judge Trev 1950-2010 BHCR presenter/producer Judge Trev passed away Wednesday 8 December at 3am. "He was known by many and loved by all. He will be sadly missed and gladly remembered.always“ Judge


Mr F Talking Brighton and Hove is a simple show for ordinary folk to share their views and talents-brought to you by the community and for the community. Ian can be found in cyberspace by way of this, what is called in the trade,

Catherine Lawrence Adams

Catherine Lawrence Adams has worked as an artist andphotographer with many exhibitions to date. Subjects include dark matter and theorised dimensions. Catherine's latest project is on display in the BHCR studio and deals with "Questioning Conciousness". Part of the 2010 Photo Fringe.

Growing Artists

Growing Artists are looking for emerging artists and like-minded individuals to develop their new space and radio show which, was co-hosted by Indy Rosekilly and Joe ILes, Growing Artists are a new collective working out of their new schoolhouse space in Shoreham.

Sascha Cooper

Sascha Cooper gives you the lowdown into what's happening in the entertainment world in the South East region of the UK. Whether it's music, theatre, cinema, dance or any form of creativity, Sascha will feature it! Friday 7pm aac facebook group

Louis Loizou

Louis Loizou presenting "All You Need Is Love" for lovers of Great 20th Century music. Louis works in all kinds of community & grass-roots projects concerned with sustainability & social justice which will form the basis of a future program.

Simon Maxwell-Stewart

Simon Maxwell-Stewart has a vast historical knowledge of music paying special attention to detail. This is apparent in his themed shows.

Simon is also an avid film critic and an excellent science fiction writer in the making.
Past Presenters 

Mjka Scott and Kala Shaplin
Mjka Scott and Kala Shaplin They are Blues and Son and of course play blues music and of course have guests in to chat and at times play live. Tune in Fridays at 5pm


Ms.Merized Featuring music and poetry. Acts are invited to showcase their work.

Email: Janina Karpinska

ady Starduzt  Featuring glam rock music and a vast knowledge plus lots of really exciting interviews 
Mathew Etheridge  a nice show of dance and trance but be warned corny jokes!
Jenny Ventris   Co presenter to Your Voice Matters


Euro-Mernet provides a range of services for the members of the Mediterranean community in Brighton and Hove. Euro-Mernet is the first and only organisation that provides advice and follow-up support exclusively to the members of the Mediterranean community in Brighton & Hove.
Daniel Bollington Gay Guy Here With A Passion For Music , Pop , Club, House, From 1960's to Present Day, Big Kylie Fan , Spinning Around With The Poptarts Radio Show/Mixcloud Podcast